Masterclass: How to do non-media centric media studies

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    How can we as scholars fruitfully integrate into our work, both theoretically and methodologically, a non-mediacentric view of mediatization? In 2006 Jansson and Falkheimer introduced the field of media geography or ”geography of communication” calling for empirical studies of the manifold ways in which media and communication produce space and vice versa; how space produces communication. This call served as a new route into the study of late modern sociospatial ”textures” (Jansson 2006, 2007) and drew the contours of a new crossdisciplinary field combining media studies and human/cultural geography. In the recently published article ”Mediatization and Social Space: Reconstructing Mediatization for the Transmedia Age” (2013) Jansson places the concept of mediatization at the center of the communication geographical endeavour to understand media’s role in the production of social space. Following the notion of mediatization put forth in this article, mediatization is understood not as much in relation to ”media effects” or ”media agencies” (Hjarvard 2008) but as a sociospatial concept. This conceptualization rests upon a holistic, ”non-media centric” (Hepp, 2010, Morley 2009) view of mediatization. But what exactly does this ”non-media centrism” imply? How does it influence the concept of mediatization? Is it a theory or a method – or both? Can we perhaps imagine a non-mediacentric methodology –ie. an exploratory, ”multi-sited” (Marcus, 1995) way into the study of the mediated sociospatial spheres of our lives? The workshop aims at discussing this notion of non-media centrism in relation to mediatization, method and within a communication geographical framework. As such it welcomes contributions from scholars working within the crossdisciplinary field between media and communication studies, human and cultural geography, ethnography and cultural studies.
    Periode3. nov. 2014
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