Making Traces. Perspectives on the Materiality of Writing. Routledge Series on Multimodality (Tidsskrift)

  • Christian Mosbæk Johannessen (Redaktør)

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    This book is about the materiality of writing – the physical gestures we make as we write and the dynamical constraints of the tools, surfaces and pigments involved in writing. Combining insights from cognitive neuroscience and the psychology of perception with insights from social anthropology, social semiotics and eco-social semiotics, the book takes a broad view of writing as acts of ‘trace-making’, which range from alphabetic writing to ideograms, stylized images such as logos, and other graphic signs. The book discusses the consequences of the digital revolution for the future of handwriting and trace-making generally, and argues for the close connection between handwriting and understanding, and, more generally, between the physical, biological and mental processes involved in reading and writing.
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