Intra- and interpersonal communication in the clinical encounter

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There is a growing recognition of the importance of addressing the patients’ context in the consultation, including managing emotions related to their fear, sense of losing identity, sadness, or anger. The consequences for both contextual errors, diagnostic errors, and patient safety are elucidated in recent research.
Consequently, we have established a ‘Research Portfolio for Human Factors and Patient Safety’ to develop solutions that promote safe patient communication through enhanced skills in addressing context and emotions. The aim is to create a culture with continuous competence development.

Communication training – HCPs’ mental states, emotions and feeling
HCPs’ personal experiences and history impact their competencies and challenges in the conversation with patients. Just as their mental states, emotions, and feelings influence the relationship with the patients and determine if and how they respond to the patient's feelings.
Aim: To explore how HCPs can recognize, become aware of, and work with their own emotions and feelings.

Communication training – the patient’s context
Patients experiencing illness may find their identity challenged by the changes happening to body and minds. Thus, for the patients and the HCP, it can be essential to identify the personal resources of the patients and elements in their everyday life that increase their strength and support the development of health skills.
Aim: To explore how to stimulate curiosity and knowledge about the patient's context, e.g. patient’s everyday life, perspectives, resources, and values.
Discussion points
1. How can we promote awareness of the HCP’s emotions and feelings in interacting with patients and relatives?
2. How can we create awareness of the patients' context?
3. Which methods and learning materials may best support this?
Periode12. jan. 2023
Sted for afholdelseThe Oslo Communication in Healthcare Education and Research (OCHER) group
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