InterQuality Project

Aktivitet: Deltagelse i faglig begivenhedOrganisering af eller deltagelse i konference


The purpose of the conference is to present the main findings of the Project and their health policy implications, with a focus on the recommended financing models for different areas of healthcare. The conference will provide an excellent opportunity to capture feedback from stakeholders and stimulate discussion on key issues in healthcare financing. This conference will be staged by the InterQuality Consortium, under the auspices of Professor Marek Krawczyk, MD, PhD, Rector of the Medical University of Warsaw, and Adam Struzik, the Mazovia Provincial Governor. The conference is intended for healthcare stakeholders including policy-makers, representatives of EU Member States, EU and national agencies, international organizations, representatives of patients and medical professionals, as well as for experts, researchers and academics.
Periode24. apr. 2014
PlaceringBrussels, Belgien