Insiders and Outsiders: Is Belonging Overrated?

Aktivitet: Foredrag og mundtlige bidragForedrag og præsentationer i privat eller offentlig virksomhed


During our global journeys, many of us move between being insiders and outsiders. Sometimes belonging - often not.

As cultural trainers, as coaches, as school counselors, as psychologists and therapists, as parents and friends, we give training, coaching and advice on how to fit in; how to adapt so others can understand us, can work well with us, be our friends or just plain like us. Being an outsider can often be an uncomfortable experience, like Trisha, Ryan and Marian personally know, having experienced being the outsider in England, in Denmark, in China, in Taiwan, in Oman, in Thailand even in Australia.

It is easier to connect with people who are similar to us, in some expatriate communities many people exist within an expat bubble. Marian's research shows the outsider experience often leads people to exist in that expat bubble. She has done research on ways in which to break out of this bubble and get in contact with locals. Trisha has worked with major Australian and multi-national businesses to help their people avoid that trap. Ryan has collaborated with global teenagers that have complex identities – both hidden and visible. Actively involved in helping international teens through Global Citizen Week trips he leads around the world, Ryan helps them explore other cultures.

Our panelists use research and training to encourage people to move out of that bubble into closer relationships with local communities. But what if, in training people to adapt we are moulding people in a way that overrides who they really are? What if fitting in means we lose something special about who we are, that can help others, or bring about a change that is needed?
Periode10. mar. 2016
BegivenhedstitelFamilies in Global Transition
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