Human-Robot Interaction Lab Sønderborg (Ekstern organisation)

Lars Christian Jensen (Medlem)

Aktivitet: MedlemskabBestyrelsesarbejde i virksomhed, forening eller organisation


Over the past years, human-robot interaction has been established as a useful methodology to investigate various aspects of communication. Especially the interactional functions of linguistic features can be investigated very well using human-robot interaction experiments since robots can be manipulated and controlled in ways humans cannot – without being reductionistic; that is, in contrast to other methods preserves human-robot interaction the dynamics of interaction.

More recently, students in the master program in Communication Design make increasing use of this methodology to study aspects of communication; for instance, this year our first year students investigated genuinely linguistic research questions such as the functions of rising and falling intonation contours, the effects of different types of apologies, the interpersonal function of hesitation markers and the interpretation of non-verbal gestures.

Lab Manager
Sted for afholdelseHuman-Robot Interaction Lab Sønderborg
Grad af anerkendelseInternational