How can we optimize the use of research in governmental organizations when making policies related to health?

Jakobsen, M. W. (Underviser)

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Focus on organizational factors of research use for public health policymaking has increased; however, this knowledge is scattered across disciplines and with different scopes.
Purpose of study:
To map the organizational factors that facilitate research use in public health policymaking.
Scoping review methodology and thematic content analysis. The model of organizational culture by Schein was used to reflect upon the most frequently reported factors.
Fourteen reviews and 40 empirical studies were included in the review. A conceptual map was developed of 64 organizational factors that facilitate research use. The review found a general lack of use of theories. Twenty-seven factors were reported by seven or more empirical studies, including at least one review. The review demonstrates a close link between individual factors and organizational factors in relation to research use. Based on the model of organizational culture by Schein, several of the frequently reported factors reflected the three levels of organizational culture. For instance, funding and commissioning of research and external communication, clear strategic vision for research use and performance management strategies, and a high value placed on rationality, professionalisms and quality improvement.
This review demonstrates the importance of an intra-organizational perspective of research use that combines individual and organizational factors. The lack of theory in previous research stresses the need to apply more theories to better understand organizational research use. Reflecting upon Schein’s model of organizational culture in relation to the identified factors, this model seems useful in understanding organizational cultures, which are research receptive.
Periode13. jun. 2019
BegivenhedstitelThe 9th Nordic Health Promotion Research Conference<br/>
PlaceringRoskilde, Danmark
Grad af anerkendelseInternational