Gambling in Greenland in a Public Health Perspective - What's at stake?

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Background and objective: During the last 50 years Greenland has developed from traditional society to industrialized and modern society. The rapid sociocultural changes are considered to have brought on social problems as alcohol and drug abuse and there is reason to believe that gambling is increasingly becoming a problem as well. Local communities have reported an increase in social problems related to different types of gambling like bingo and playing cards and more generally the association between gambling patterns, social and health problems is being discussed in public and at a political level.

The aim of this study is to analyse the prevalence of gambling and gambling dependency among Inuit in Greenland and its association with socioeconomic position. The analysis is part of a PhD-Study of the association between gambling, social inequality and public health among Inuit in Greenland.

Method and material: The prevalence of four types of gambling and the amount of time and money spent is analyzed and stratified by sex, age, residence, education, occupation, income, household income, family size and marital status in order to find out how gambling patterns are distributed among different socioeconomic groups. The data is derived from questionnaires included in the Greenlandic part of the Inuit Health in Transition Study.

Results/Discussion: Preliminary results from the study will be presented. The results will be discussed in a public health perspective stating that more research in the area of gambling among Inuit should be conducted in order to determine the significant importance of artic living conditions to gambling patterns. This is important in order to be able to prevent gambling problems through public health programs and to develop individual and group-based treatment programs.


Christina Viskum Lytken Larsen

National Institute of Public Health, University of Southern Denmark

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Periode22. aug. 2008
BegivenhedstitelThe Sixth International Conference of Arctic Social Sciences (ICASS VI)
PlaceringNuuk, Grønland, Grønland