For Building Truly Global Leadership Talent, Don’t Neglect Host Country Nationals

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    With the continuing growth and expansion of international operations as part of our increasing globalization, the imperative of effective global leadership talent development has never been greater. Yet in facing this global business imperative many multinational corporations (MNCs) and the prevailing management literature have continued to focus primarily on MNC parent country national (PCN) expatriates, at the relative neglect of attention toward host country nationals (HCNs) and other employees at host country operations. This 90-minute panel is of interest to anyone who conducts research and/or teaches in international dimensions of human resource management, organizational behavior, and management. Those who attend will gain new insights and appreciation for the importance of HCN involvement in the overall MNC effort of global leadership talent development. We strongly believe that MNCs that overlook or neglect the involvement of HCNs in their global talent and leadership development planning will seriously limit knowledge management effectiveness and subsequent productivity at their local subsidiary operations and throughout the global enterprise.
    Periode21. mar. 2014
    Begivenhedstitel55th Annual Meeting of the Western Academy of Management
    PlaceringNapa Valley, USAVis på kort