Flavius Josephus as an Eyewitness Authority

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Throughout his body of work, the ancient Jewish writer Flavius Josephus sought to leverage his knowledge of Jewish history and culture to appeal to an audience of aristocratic Romans. His history of the Jewish War, however, presented Josephus with a quandary, for it was precisely his Jewish identity and his privileged position as eyewitness that rendered his role as historiographer problematic. This paper argues that Josephus utilized various literary strategies to address this tension: by deploying within his narrative the dual concept of praise and censure in relating facts, through a depiction of Titus as an eyewitness, and by formulating the innovative concept of prophetic autopsy Josephus sought to neutralize his critics.
Periode9. nov. 2018
BegivenhedstitelEyewitness reports in Greek and Roman historiography: A workshop hosted by the Centre of Medieval Literature and the Cassius Dio Network
PlaceringOdense, Danmark