Festival of Knowledge in Odense 2013: Innovation and Change through projects with a global perspective

  • Stoyan Tanev (Foredragsholder)

Aktivitet: Foredrag og mundtlige bidragForedrag og præsentationer i privat eller offentlig virksomhed


The festival of knowledge is an event where state of the art knowledge about project Management, Change Management and Innovation Management is presented and discussed by academics and practitioners. The programme is designed for change makers from all sectors including business, government, civil society, academia and local communities may benefit from know-how about and experience exchange on how to foster change processes. It´s a two days seminar and workshop where you can sign up for one day or both two days.
The organizers are ProjektForumFyn ( Society of Danish Engineers) in collaboration with 3L- Lens Living Lab, Institute of Technology and Innovation, SDU, Mindshift Consult and . Project & Technology Management Foundation.
Target group: project – and Change managers from companies as well as public and private organisations, academics, students, who want news from the research frontline with a strong relation to praxis.

This talk reviewed an innovation management framework (Adner, 2012) focusing on tools and mechanisms that could help uncovering the hidden dependencies in a company's business ecosystem. It discussed two distinct types of risk that arise within ecosystems: co-innovation risk, the extent to which the success of an innovation depends on the successful commercialization of other innovations; and adoption chain risk, the extent to which partners will need to adopt a company's innovation before end consumers have a chance to assess the full value proposition. The ecosystem approach changes the way companies prioritize opportunities and threats, the way they think about market timing and positioning as well as how they define and measure success. Such wide lens approach asks innovators to consider the entire ecosystem by broadening their vision to develop a clearer view of their full set of dependencies.
Periode24. okt. 201325. okt. 2013
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