Experiences from an eight weeks mindfulness training course for newly educated doctors and nurses in cardiovascular department: a mixed method study

Timmermann, C. (Foredragsholder), Gregersen, T. A. (Foredragsholder)

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This project was initiated by The Department of Cardiology at Vejle Hospital in Denmark as they experience challenges in recruiting and retaining qualified employees.
Further, the health care professionals at the department often experience uncertainty in connection with making clinical decisions. These feelings uncertainty affects their satisfaction with their clinical work and their desire to be a nurse or a doctor.

To accommodate these challenges The Department of Cardiology choose to offer some of their doctors and nurses an eight-week evidence-based mindfulness course.

15 interdisciplinary healthcare professionals were offered an eight-week evidence-based mindfulness course.

At the course, doctors and nurses participated along with their mentors and clinical supervisors.

All participants completed a validated questionnaire before and after attending the eight weeks mindfulness course. The questionnaire is specially designed to measure the effect of the mindfulness course.

After the course, 3 nurses and 3 doctors were interviewed. (The interviews lasted between 40 – 65 minutes.)

Preliminary results
The preliminary results from the interviews and the questionnaires show several interesting themes:

• Inner peace and overview - remembering short breaks
The healthcare professionals experience an improved ability to take a step back in a stressful situation and regain a sense of inner peace and create an overview of the situation.
They describe that they on busy days has become better at creating short breaks, where they use mindfulness techniques.

• Focus despite busyness – taking one thing at a time
Both doctors and nurses describe in the interviews how mindfulness has made them better at being in stressful situations.
They describe that they become more aware of what can be a challenge for them and thereby has become better at maintaining focus and concentrate on one thing at a time.

• Acceptance of choices and decisions – letting go of uncertainty
The healthcare professionals describe an improved ability to let go of feelings of uncertainty. Especially, in relation to decisions made in the clinic that may not have been entirely optimal or something that could have been handled otherwise.

Periode16. jan. 201918. jan. 2019
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