Establishing a radiology outpatient clinic for renal tumor biopsy patients -An interdisciplinary innovative approach

Mussmann, B. (Foredragsholder), Birthe Degn (Andet), Jarl Christensen (Andet), Graumann, O. (Andet)

Aktivitet: Foredrag og mundtlige bidragKonferenceoplæg


The number of renal tumor biopsies performed in the radiology department is constantly increasing. Often the radiology department is only responsible for the invasive procedure, while other aspects of the procedure are managed by the urology department. Thus, much time is spent planning, preparing and coordinating the procedure, which may increase time from primary diagnostic imaging to biopsy for tumor histopathology. At our hospital a radiology outpatient clinic will be established and patients referred for renal biopsy are the first to be included. Thus, the radiology department will take responsibility for all aspects of the procedure, i.e. planning, patient information, performing the biopsy, post-procedural observation etc. The purpose of the innovation project was to map all actions in the current and future state in a radiology outpatient clinic in order to create an improved biopsy procedure.
We arranged an interdisciplinary cross organizational consensus meeting with a board of stakeholders. Each participant had detailed knowledge on different parts of the renal tumor biopsy procedure, i.e. a urologist, radiologist, clinical nurse, patient coordinator, radiology booking secretary, RIS/PACS manager, head of CT and a specialist radiographer. An innovation consultant led the process of mapping current and future state using a case-based innovative approach.
The innovative mapping of the biopsy procedure resulted in consensus about immediate improvements which may reduce time from primary diagnostic imaging to biopsy by at least one day. The most important improvements were: 1) Faster interdisciplinary decision on the biopsy grade, type and procedure. 2) Improved follow-up on blood samples and anticoagulation regulation. 3) At least two patient transfers can be avoided.
Establishing a radiology outpatient clinic for renal tumor biopsy will markedly reduce time from primary diagnostic imaging to biopsy. Furthermore, major potential optimization areas can be immediately implemented in clinical practice.
Periode13. apr. 2018
BegivenhedstitelInternational Society of Radiographers and Radiological Technicians: 2018
PlaceringPort of Spain, Trinidad og Tobago
Grad af anerkendelseInternational


  • radiology
  • biopsy
  • outpatients
  • innovation