Epicenter - Centre for Cultural Epidemics (Ekstern organisation)

Else Olesen (Medlem)

    Aktivitet: MedlemskabBestyrelsesarbejde i virksomhed, forening eller organisation


    EPICENTER explores the social life of cultural epidemics. It combines empirical knowledge, methods, and theory in anthropology and epidemiology. The Centre aims to fill a knowledge gap in scientific as well as popular understandings of contagion by asking: What is contagion? The traditional distinction between communicable (i.e. infectious) and non-communicable diseases is challenged through research at the Centre.

    Currently, significant epidemics of non-communicable diseases (e.g. obesity, diabetes, ADHD) are spreading, but the social dynamics of how these diseases spread are poorly theorized. The overall hypothesis of research at EPICENTER is twofold: a) infection and contagion are communicative phenomena; and b) epidemic phenomena always include communication, irrespective of the disease.
    Sted for afholdelseEpicenter - Centre for Cultural Epidemics