ENTER Conference - 2017

Lauge Berring, L. (Arrangør)

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ENTER Conference - The Virtual World and Mental Health 8th June 2017
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ENTER Conference - The Virtual World and Mental Health

The Conference

Following on from ENTER's 2016 conference in St. Andrews, Scotland on Emerging Priorities in Mental Health and Addiction: The Virtual Wold, Ageing and Migration, the 2017 ENTER Conference on Thursday 8. th Juni in Slagelse, Denmark, focuses solely on Mental Health and the Virtual Wold.

The virtual wold has a huge influence in every dimension of human life. The aim of the 2017 conference is to present and discuss the research data and share experiences about the virtual wold and mental health among people from diffrent European organisations.

There will be sessions on the following topics:

Promoting mental health in the virtual wold
The virtual wold as a risk factor for mental health
The virtual wold as a treatment medium
The virtual wold as a recovery medium for people with mental health problems

ENTER is a European Network on training, evaluation and research in mental health which was established in 2000. The network has at present 18 members from 14 different European countries (Bosnia Herzegovina, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Slovenia, Spain and the UK) either universities with connections to clinical services or visa versa.

One of the main activities of ENTER Mental Health has been to initiate research projects amongst its members. Since the year 2000, ENTER has been involved in several large scale projects funded from the EU; Empowerment of mental health services users (EMILIA), Promotion of mental health (PROMISE) and Empowerment of children and adolescents with mentally ill parents (CAMILLE).

Price Dkr. 900,-
Price for Region Zealand staff Dkr. 650,-

For more information visit www.entermentalhealth.net or contact enter entermentalhealth@gmail.com

Interested in a stand at the conference - please contact senior researcher Lene Lauge Berring - lelb@regionsjaelland.dk
Periode8. jun. 2017
PlaceringSlagelse, Danmark
Grad af anerkendelseInternational


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