DFF Research Project 2 - Application

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Cultural Intelligence and its Performance Implications for Global Virtual Teams (GVT) GVT, i.e. individuals with different cultural backgrounds collaborating in dispersed work groups are becoming part of daily business in industry and higher education. Cultural diversity is assumed to negatively affect communication effectiveness and social integration, and to increase the number of conflicts in GVT. Yet, results do not unambiguously support this notion. Hence, we need to unravel the processes through which enablers, such as structures and capabilities can contribute to producing positive outcomes at the individual, group and organizational levels. One of these enablers is the concept of cultural intelligence. The key question to be answered with this project is, thus, whether and how cultural intelligence can contribute to positive outcomes in GVT, contingent on other structural team and task parameters. The project is performed in collaboration between the applicant and a PhD applied for, and will use qualitative & quantitative data and methods.
Periodejun. 2018
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