DFF Research Project 1 - Application

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Performance and well-being in global virtual teamwork:
The current pandemic has accelerated the trend towards working in global virtual teams (GVT) and created an urgency to understand their performance and wellbeing. This understanding remains underdeveloped, as theoretical foundations make contradictory forecasts on intermediary mechanisms underlying higher or lower performance (e.g. creativity, communication), and because the empirical landscape remains fragmented. Using an empirical dataset of 1,500+ GVT, we identify (1) how different facets of team diversity contribute to the success of GVT and unpack the associations along intermediary mechanisms; (2) the group compositions that enable success and provide recommendations on how to compose satisfied virtual work groups; (3) how to best support the GVT by information and communication technology. Overall, our findings assist in the development of potential eclectic theories and provide practical implications for managers confronted with the need to work on a global virtual base.
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