Department of Immunology, Monash University, Melbourne, VIC Australia. (Ekstern organisation)

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Monash University's Ph.D. shool, Australien

Adjudicator for the Ph.D. school

An adjudicator is not an additional examiner but a judge requested to pronounce on the relative soundness, correctness and appropriateness of the initial two examiners’ recommendations. To this end, the adjudicator should offer an opinion on whether the examiners were competent and fair. (...) An adjudicator is asked to provide reasons for agreeing or disagreeing with examiners. It should be reiterated that in making an assessment on the appropriateness of the two examiners’ reports, the adjudicator is not being asked to set additional requirements for the candidate. In the case where an adjudicator recommends revision and resubmission, he / she is asked to specify to which examiner(s) the thesis should be sent after revision, and whether the adjudicator would be willing to act as an examiner for the revised thesis, should the circumstance arise.
Periodeokt. 2010apr. 2012
Sted for afholdelseMonash University, Australien, Victoria
Grad af anerkendelseInternational


  • Methodology
  • consumer research
  • sociology
  • Media
  • Communication