Culture, Practice & Europeanization (Tidsskrift)

Lueg, K. (Peer reviewer)

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COVID-19-Crisis, Nationalism, Populism and the Future of the European Union

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck in 2020, the reactions of
governments across Europe immediately came under scrutiny, provoking
a vast spectrum of criticism ranging from a return of “authoritarian state-hood”
to the accusation of a “hesitant laissez-faire” approach to flattening the curve.
Regardless of such value judgements, the infectious disease was met with
unprecedented measures aiming at the cessation of everyday social activities (“lockdowns”) – something that post-war societies in Europe had little experience with. This presented a challenge to liberal democracy: Should democratic states go beyond appeals to self-limitation? Could they responsibly refrain from imposing lockdowns locally and closing borders within Schengen and
elsewhere? Where some observe an epidemiologically informed response that ensures the liberal values of
European integration and global economic transactions, others see the emergence of illiberal prohibition states
which rely on emergency rules, border restrictions and police power, thus bringing the sovereignty of the nation state
and even “strong” leadership back in.
Both may have a point: As disruptive as crises may be, they always occur in a social frame defined by structural continuity
and predominant tendencies. Thus, continuity and disruption are dialectally linked to each other. Before the Covid-19
crisis, a substantial tendency towards nationalism and rightwing-populism gained impetus in political society.
Correspondingly, the European Union experienced already almost a decade of re-nationalization and progressive disintegration. The ongoing Covid-crisis, therefore, appears to be just the climax of a cycle of multiple and self-enforcing
downward trends which shatter the fundaments of European integration since the outbreak of the financial crisis and the so-called migration crisis.
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