Cooperation active student learning (Ekstern organisation)

Rannveig Edda Hjaltadóttir (Medlem)

Aktivitet: MedlemskabBestyrelsesarbejde i virksomhed, forening eller organisation


A three way cooperation focusing on active student learning and student research funded by Nordic-Russian Cooperation fund – SIU.
The lead partner is Østfold University College in Norway, Avd. for økonomi, språk og samfunnsfag and Southern Federal University (RU-SFedU) is the project partner in Russia, Department of Management. Project coordinator is John-Erik Andreassen, Østfold University College.
The main aims of the project are:
• Pedagogical development
• Developing ways of using integrated student research as an integral part of course work
• International knowledge exchange between academic staff and students
The grant covers travel cost for students and members of staff.
The project deals with developing integrated research based teaching in innovation and innovation management for students at bachelor and master levels using local businesses as research cases. The aim is to conduct integrated student research. The cooperation between the three partners will mainly be in the form of:
• Sharing ideas and experiences of using student research as a basis for course work in the mentioned fields.
• common seminars for students to share research ideas and experiences
• Developing methods of using shared internet platforms (Black board or similar platform) to facilitate cooperation between the students in the three partner institutions
• Developing methods of using IT supported methods for guest lecturing and cooperation with students between the institutions (This can be facilitated through the web based platform).
• To offer bachelor and Master students the possibility to do research on innovation activities in firms in Sønderjylland/region Syddanmark
• Give students the possibility of using results from the innovation research as a foundation for their bachelor or master thesis.

- Participation in management group including preparation meetings in Taganrog and Østfold. - Teaching of a innovation course with active student learning and research in focus. - Cooperation with Østfold and Taganrog universities on course descriptions and teaching methods. - Extern lecturing at Taganrog and Østfold. -
Periode1. jan. 201331. dec. 2016
Sted for afholdelseCooperation active student learning
Grad af anerkendelseInternational