Company Law and SME’s

  • Troels Michael Lilja (Deltager)

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Company Law and SME’s 10th of November 2008 To be held in Lille Sal – R-building at the Aarhus School of Business 9.00-9.10: Welcome and introduction (Mette Neville & Karsten Engsig Sørensen) Theme one: Influence, management and control in SMEs Chair: Professor Dr. jur. Karsten Engsig Sørensen, Department of Law, the Aarhus School of Business, the University of Aarhus 9.10 – 9.40 Economic consequences of succession in Danish companies (Professor, Ph.D, Morten Bennedsen, CBS) 9.40 - 10.10: Empirical facts about SMEs (Consultant Ulla Lyk-Jensen Confederation of Danish Industry) 10.10 - 10.40: Means to control changes in the composition of shareholder in SMEs (Professor Dr. Juris Tore Bråthen, BI Oslo) Coffee break Theme two: Shareholder conflicts – rights, duties and remedies Chair: Prof. Dr. jur. Dres. h.c. Peter Hommelhoff, KPMG 11.00.-11.30: The evolution of a duty of loyalty for shareholders in SMEs (Professor Dr.jur., Karsten Engsig Sørensen, ASB) 11.30-12.00: Duties of directors and the European model law group (Professor Dr.jur. Paul Krüger Andersen, ASB) 12.00 – 12.30: Majority abuse and the use of general principles of abuse of shareholders’ rights (Professor Dr.juris, Filip Truyen, Bergen University) 12.30-13.30: Lunch 13.30-14.00: Minority Protection and the Role of Specialized Business Courts (Professor Erik Vermeulen, Tilburg University) 14.00-14.30: A Right to Exit – an efficient Solution in SME’s? (Professor, Ph.D, Mette Neville, ASB) 14.30-15.00: The function and importance of statutory protection against oppressive majority conduct other than exit and general principle of abuse of rights (Professor, Jur.dr., Jan Andersson, Jönköping International Business School) 15.00-15.30: The valuation of unquoted shares (Research fellow Martin Jensen, ASB) 15.30-16.00: Coffee break Part III: European Private Company – a new tool for SMEs? Chair: Professor Ph.D. Mette Neville, Department of Law, the Aarhus School of Business, the University of Aarhus 16.00-16.30: The Case in favour of the European Private Company – a competitive alternative for SMEs? (Paolo Santella, Bank of Italy, Department of Studies) 16.30-17.00: Influence, management and control in the European Private Company (Professor Dr. Christoph Teichmann, University of Würzburg)
Periode10. nov. 2008
PlaceringÅrhus, Danmark


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