Can Aquariums Save Corals?

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Marine ecosystems are facing unprecedented threats that lead to continuous biodiversity loss. Among the biggest pressures are coastal development, climate change and pollution. Several taxa have already been affected and corals are amongst them. This group is disappearing at a fast pace leaving behind empty environments for species that depend on them. In 2011, 75% of the world coral reefs were considered threatened by human activities and many of them might vanish by 2050. By now protecting the remaining corals might not be sufficient and aquariums are seen as crucial for the conservation of the ecosystems. This project assessed the number of corals in the Species360 ZIMS database network to understand the potential of captive individuals for conservation of corals reefs. Aquariums can provide genetic information or the expertise on how to successfully handle, reproduce and propagate corals. The wealth of data can help them recover from years of damage.
Periode16. okt. 2018
BegivenhedstitelEuropean Union of Aquarium Curators
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