Barcelona Doctoral Consortium on Digital Innovation

Ferran Giones (Arrangør)

Aktivitet: Deltagelse i faglig begivenhedOrganisering af eller deltagelse i konference


The purpose of the Barcelona Doctoral Consortium is to advance the scientific knowledge and practical understanding about digital innovation. Our perspective on digital innovation is broad and covers a range of topics associated with information systems, technology and innovation management, as well as entrepreneurship and business model design. This intersection, in particular, is driven by remarkable advancements in digital technology and digitalization of society at large. As a result, we witness transformational changes in the design and use of information systems that need further examination. These changes are intertwined with organizational shifts in the way that technological innovation and value creation is managed by firms and within emerging business ecosystems. Furthermore, as a result of dramatically reduced entry barriers and fundamental changes in the design logics and multi-layered architecture of digital technology, we are witnessing a significant increase in entrepreneurial activities and business model (re)design efforts. Digital innovation as an emerging stream of research embodies a transversal and embedded understanding of information systems and technologies in organizations and business models. Thus, we are looking for research contributions that are not confined within the narrow boundaries of any individual and specialized discipline or field of expertise. Furthermore, we wish to highlight that we are open to any methodological orientation, paradigm, and perspective. Besides traditional research approaches and methodologies, which are all welcomed, recently emerging approaches such as various forms of engaged scholarship, phenomenon/data-driven research, design theory development, consortium research, Blue Ocean theorizing, and others are also welcomed.
Periodejul. 2015
PlaceringBarcelona, Spanien