Annual Conference of the Genome 10K, Earth Biogenome and Vertebrate Genome Project, Rockefeller University, Manhattan, NY, USA.

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The Genome 10K (G10K) Community of Scientists is a consortium of leading scientists representing research centers, zoos, museums, and academic institutions from around the world and is dedicated to coordinating international efforts for large-scale sequencing and analyses projects since 2009. The G10K is currently focusing on the VGP (Twitter @genomeark), whose goal is to generate near error-free and complete reference genome assemblies of approximately all 70,000 extant vertebrate species to address fundamental questions in biology, disease and conservation. The number of species has been revised upwards from 66,000 due to updates in species identification and classifications. These genome assemblies are being made publicly available via our Genome Ark GitHub and annotated in the NCBI and Ensembl databases. At last year’s meeting, we released 15 reference genome representing 14 species in 13 vertebrate orders with each genome meeting our VGP 3.4.2.QV40 phased metric. At this year’s meeting, we
announce 100 new high-quality genomes, representing an additional 77 orders towards completing the ~260 orders of the VGP Phase 1. The EBP is a consortium of independent partner institutions that have the common goal of sequencing and annotating the genomes of all 1.5 million named eukaryotic species (animals, plants, fungi, protozoa and other microbes). Since its official launch in November 2018 in London, there are 25 member institutions and more than 20 large-scale projects affiliated with EBP, including the VGP. The EBP is expected to create a new foundation for biology to drive solutions for preserving biodiversity and sustaining human societies.
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