Advances in Strategic Management 2019

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The aim of this course is to offer advanced insights related to the theoretical and empirical recent developments in the area of Strategic Management, with a specific focus on economic and organizational theories of Strategy and International Business. The course provides an overview on the most relevant theoretical traditions and empirical developments used in the field of Strategic Management. The aim is to offer students: i) comprehensive understanding about the foundations, assumptions and implications of economic and organizational theoretical perspectives, ii) clear understanding about empirical strategies. Ideally, in the end of the course students are able to engage in theory-building activities selecting and employing theoretical approaches more appropriately linked to the economic and organizational foundations of the field of Strategy. In addition, students are able to identify suitable empirical methods and approaches in line with those more familiarly used in Strategy. More specifically, these are the main topics developed during the course:
a. Strategy from a stakeholder based view of the firm
b. Micro-foundations of organizational value creation
c. Knowledge and Innovation
d. Econometric issues in Strategic Management: Data and Methods
Periode24. jun. 201927. jun. 2019
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