6. Nordiske Folkesundhedskonference i Göteborg

Carsten Kronborg Bak (Foredragsholder)

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How to bridge the gap between Science and Practice: Do Local Health Profiles contribute to a better understanding of health behaviour among socially disadvantaged groups?
* Pernille Tanggaard Andersen. Assistant Professor, Ph. D. Sociologist, Unit of Health Promotion. University of Southern Denmark
Carsten Kronborg Bak. Post. Doc. Ph. D. Sociologist, Unit of Health Promotion. University of Southern Denmark
There is little knowledge about social disadvantages and marginalized peoples´ habits and health behaviour in Denmark - among these inhabitants with another ethnic background than Danish.
Even though there is evidence and knowledge about risk factors and health among the general Danish population, we need more knowledge about the state of health and health habits within socially marginalized people and inhabitants with another background that Danish. And there is especially a lack of knowledge about what kind of health initiatives and interventions that works for these groups.
In this poster/talk we will present the results from local health profiles aiming at social disadvantages and marginalized citizens with an accumulation of inhabitants with another ethnic background than Danish, single parents status and low-income and unemployed household. The local health profiles and this research is a result of a collaboration between two municipalities (Fredericia & Esbjerg) in the region of Southern Denmark and the University of Southern Denmark, the Unit of Health Promotion.
On the background of the results from the local health profiles we will like to discuss the following: How can the results be used in municipalities and give more prioritized health planning and applied health promotion initiatives that in the long run can reduce the social inequality.
The 6th Nordic Health Promotion Research Conference
The Role of Health Promotion in the Transition of the Nordic Welfare States
20-22 August 2009, Gothenburg
How can research, contribute and recommend interventions in a neighbourhood and become a part of the continuous work in the municipalities and through this collaboration make a long-term effect for the disadvanted and marginalized citizens.
Keywords: Local health profiles, inequality in health and collaboration with municipalities
Periode22. aug. 2009
Begivenhedstitel6. Nordiske Folkesundhedskonference i Göteborg
PlaceringGöteborg, Sverige