1st International Conference on Interactivity, Language and Cognition

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    Text, Agency and Society Research Cluster for Writing and New Societal Literacies Coordinator: Steven Breunig, Christian Mosbæk Johannessen CILC Workshop September 11, 2012 Introduction We live in a text mediated world. The ability to navigate in this world in a culturally successful manner is dependent on the acquisition and development of literacies related to written texts and other graphic signs. The mediation of ideas, attitudes and values is not limited to the reading and writing of written texts, but involves the activities of interpretation and production of all forms of graphic texts and images. Yet, this mediated world is not only symbolic. It also has a materiality about it. Together the symbolic and the material aspects of human interaction with texts and other graphic signs contribute to the co-creation of persons, their thoughts and activities as well as social structures in society. In this way, persons act out their human agency by creating these cultural artifacts, and at the same time these artifacts take on a form of object agency with implications for the development and functioning of persons and society. In addition, many of the interactivities with texts and other graphic signs enact the interpretation and creation of texts as other texts, as well as as images and other audiovisual media, including bodily performances, such as drama. At the same time, engagement with these other media and performances are being translated into texts. Our text mediated world is actually a world of mixed media and performances. Objectives In the research program for the workshop ‘Text, Agency and Society’, participants gather in order to develop a common understanding and framework for the study of these text or multimedia related interactivities in various environments. These environments may be related to educational institutions, work organizations, cultural activities, such as film and other forms of staging, the spheres persons act in or are acted on as political beings and so on. Inquiry A working problem, which should be revised or refined during the workshop, may be to examine how the bodily dynamics of persons are extended and constrained by the materiality of texts in various activities across different environments. This materiality may even extend to how texts shape the way the body of a person is formed, treated or acted on, for example when texts are used to choreograph bodily performances, or in the worst of cases, for the use of force. Agenda for the workshop We have chosen to understand “workshop” in as literal a sense as possible. There may not be actual wood chips and sawdust lying around, but be we aim for the closest thing to it. As part of the workshop, attendees will actively participate in the production of new insights during a data session for which appropriate texts will be supplied by the organizers. Additionally, there will be time for participants to consider plans for joint research projects and activities on topics related to text, agency and society. Plans include, but are not restricted to, an international conference and an anthology with contributions from various scholars. Strategies are devised for meeting proximal and long-term goals. These could include: Planning virtual meetings for a period of at least 6 months to establish a foundation Plans for establishing a common, yet flexible, theoretical framework for carrying out empirical study based on the development of established theories. This could include theories related to the distributed language and cognition perspective, cognitive process view of writing, the materiality of writing and so on. Plans for an international conference Plans for an anthology on distributed views of writing and text Plans for applying for external funding to support a conference, as well as funding for individual and group research projects In sum, the basic idea behind the workshop for the research cluster ‘Writing and New Societal Literacies’ is to establish a committed international network of individual scholars within the Distributed Language Group to study text and writing related phenomena as it relates to ideas about agency, both human and object related, as well as its commingling with social structures within society and to disseminate this knowledge beyond our own network by holding conferences and publishing research.
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