18th Nordic Congress of General Practice

Aktivitet: Foredrag og mundtlige bidragKonferenceoplæg


Cancer Rehabilitation for Couples in General Practice Background In most northern countries the planning of long-term rehabilitation of patients is placed in general practice. Cancer often has a high impact on everyday life in relation to practical challenges and emotional strain of both the patient and his/hers relatives. This study aims to increase couples’ ability to jointly getting through their new challenging life situation, when the woman is diagnosed with breast cancer. The study will obtain knowledge about the effect of early involvement of the partner in the breast cancer patient’s rehabilitation and suggests how general practitioners (GPs) can address partners of breast cancer patients. Research questions Can a psychological intervention aiming to support couples facing breast cancer in strengthening their emotional bond: - reduce symptoms of distress in both patients and their partners? - enhance psychological well-being of both patients and their partners? Method A randomised controlled trial assessing the effect of a psychological intervention compared to a control group receiving current healthcare practice. A total of 200 women recently diagnosed with breast cancer and their partners were recruited at breast surgery departments at Herlev University Hospital, Ringsted Hospital and at Odense University Hospital, Denmark. The inclusion ended February 2013. The intervention comprises four to eight couple sessions conducted by a psychologist one to five months after the cancer diagnosis. Data will be obtained through questionnaires from both patients and partners one month after surgery and then 5 and 10 months later. The primary outcome is cancer-related distress of the patient. Secondary outcomes are cancer-related distress of the partners, symptoms of depression and anxiety and changes in mood of both patients and partners. Results This study is ongoing. The presentation of preliminary results will include perceived problems and emotional distress for both patients and partners. Points for discussion Should GPs address relationship problems and challenges when patients are diagnosed with cancer?
Periode21. aug. 201324. aug. 2013
Begivenhedstitel18th Nordic Congress of General Practice: Promoting partnership with our patients - a challenge and a chance for primary care
PlaceringTampere, Finland